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ActivityAlert provides free online schedule and roster management for sports teams, clubs and groups. ActivityAlert is a unique way to manage your youth or adult sports team. It's hard enough to keep track of all the players, games, locations and the various messages that go back and forth. Now add schedule changes, attendance issues and communicating with the members and it seems like a second job! ActivityAlert makes it easy to manage your sports team online.

  • Easily manage your game and event schedules with your online calendar.
  • Automatically provide maps and directions to team members.
  • Send notifications (Email, Voice & Text) to the team and track who accessed it.
  • Ask a question and automatically collect Yes/No answers.
  • Short notice? Use the Automatic Phone Tree to blast your message to the team.
  • Track who can attend which games and events.
  • And so much more!

  • Use Email, Voice and Text messaging to communicate with your members and track members who did and did not get it. Follow up is quick and easy when you know who to call. No more email me back when you get this. Ask a question and ActivityAlert collects the answers for you. Last minute changes, no problem, use our automatic call tree to send your recorded message to all the players. ActivityAlert will track that as well!

    ActivityAlert is easy, intuitive and accessed via the web. Nothing to download, install, or configure. All you need is access to the web and in some cases a phone to send messages.

    How does ActivityAlert help?

    It\s so easy to manage your sports team online:

  • Manage game and event schedules.
  • Monitor who can attend games and who can't!
  • Send tracked messages to your teammates
  • Email the entire team with a single click
  • Easily get maps to event locations.

  • Who is ActivityAlert for?

    ActivityAlert is for the overworked person who's in charge of your sports team or activity. Coaches, team managers, parents, and the other volunteers that help organize games and events for your sports team. ActivityAlert helps them be more efficient and saves so much time that they can relax and enjoy the games.

    ActivityAlert empowers all of the team members by providing accurate and easy to access information at their fingertips.

    Can I use ActivityAlert for my other activities?

    Sure you can! ActivityAlert works great with any kind of activity (scouts, church groups, etc.) that needs to coordinate and communicate their events. We even provide a personal calendar that so you can organize your own events.

    Is my member and team information private?

    Yes it is. We take security very seriously; our families\ information is on the site too. All of your team data is private. The only members who can access your team pages are the players and parents that you've invited. Each member must sign in with a unique username and password and may also set their own privacy controls.

    What are the system requirements to use ActivityAlert?

    ActivityAlert is hosted on our servers so there's nothing to install. All you need is an up to date web browser and an Internet connection.


    "I love this service! ActivityAlert makes it so easy to organize our sports team. It's FREE and easy to use, what a great tool for coaches and team managers!"

    Team Manager

    "ActivityAlert has saved me so much time! It has made it so easy for me to keep in touch with my team."

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